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An ABA based approach for teaching children how to communicate. 

Verbal Behavior Therapy (VBT)  is a method of teaching communication and language based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The VBT method can help your child learn how to communicate by connecting words with their purposes. To teach your child the "meaning" of their words, we present many learning opportunities throughout ABA sessions to demonstrate "why"  and "how" we use words.


Verbal Behavior Therapy focuses on: 

  • Mands: Requesting for wants and needs

  • Echoics: vocal imitation

  • Tacts: naming items in the environment

  • Intraverbals: answering questions

Some children will engage in problem behaviors like tantrums as a way to communicate. By helping your child  learn the meaning of words, we are able to decrease problem behaviors and increase more appropriate and effective communication skills. 

At Pivotal Achievements, we have used VBT to help non-verbal, pre-verbal, and children with emerging language skills learn to functionally communicate using words and pictures (PECs).

Verbal Behavior Therapy: Service
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