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Behavioral Feeding Therapy

Picky eating, food refusal, or meltdowns during breakfast, lunch, and dinner? We can help your little one achieve mealtime success one bite at a time. 

Feeding problems such as picky eating, food pocketing, refusal of major food groups or age-appropriate foods, undernourishment, and rejection of certain textures can be a major source of frustration for parents. Mealtime problem behaviors that co-occur with feeding issues such as crying, tantrums, throwing, gagging, spitting, vomiting, or packing food in mouth can also add to the frustration.

Although it is not always clear how and why eating problems occur, there are a number of proven behavioral methods for improving or resolving them.  At Pivotal Achievements, we treat feeding issues from an Applied Behavior Analysis framework. Some of the techniques we utilize are:

  • Reinforcement

  • Texture fading

  • Chaining

  • Bite Shaping 

  • Behavioral momentum


By following a behavioral model, we can address a range of motivational and skill deficits often found in children with feeding problems. This model also provides a structured methodology for identifying and measuring changes in feeding skills and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment through data collection and analysis.

Behavioral Feeding Therapy: Service
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