Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment & Therapy

The #1 evidenced-based treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

At Pivotal Achievements, we use 1:1 ABA therapy to teach adaptive behaviors like communication and language, social skills, imitation, functional play, learning and attending, compliance, independence, socialization and more while simultaneously decreasing problem behaviors that interfere with learning and everyday living.

Our ABA treatment model prides itself on being efficient, systemic, focused, results driven, and fun. We encourage child-led interactions and a play-based treatment approach that considers a child's natural need to have fun and explore. We believe ABA therapy should be fun, developmentally appropriately and delivered in such a way that aligns with each child's individual learning style.


Our strong foundation in ABA principles combined with a myriad of teaching methodologies and behavior reduction strategies create the perfect recipe for ABA treatment that is engaging, rewarding, and most importantly successful.

We offer two age-specific ABA therapy programs:

Early Achievements Day Program

Ages 18 months-4

After School Achievements Program

Ages 4-6