Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment & Therapy

The #1 evidenced-based treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

At Pivotal Achievements, we use 1:1 ABA therapy to treat a variety of areas such as communication, challenging problem behavior, eating and feeding issues, social-emotional behavior, play, self-care, independence, academics, and more, making

ABA a very effective treatment method for many children, regardless of whether or not they have a diagnosis.


Our ABA treatment model prides itself on being efficient, systemic, focused, results driven, and fun. We encourage child-led interactions and a play-based treatment approach that considers a child's natural need to have fun and explore. We believe ABA therapy should be fun, developmentally appropriately and delivered in such a way that aligns with each child's individual learning style.


Our strong foundation in ABA principles combined with a myriad of teaching methodologies and behavior reduction strategies create the perfect recipe for ABA treatment that is engaging, rewarding, and most importantly successful.

Early Achievements Day Program

Ages 18 months-4

After School Achievements Program

Ages 5-6

We offer two age-specific ABA therapy programs:

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