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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment & Therapy

Evidenced-based treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

At Pivotal Achievements, we use applied behavior analysis principles to develop skills across multiple developmental domains and decrease behaviors that interfere with learning and everyday living.  

Our 1:1 ABA treatment model encourages child choice and prioritizes motivational teaching methods. We believe ABA therapy should be fun, developmentally appropriately and delivered in a way that aligns with each child's individual learning style.

At Pivotal Achievements, our strong foundation and years of experience implementing ABA therapy create the perfect recipe for ABA treatment that is engaging and delivers meaningful outcomes.

Our programs target skills like communication and language, social skills, pre-academic skills, adaptive skills, functional play, independence, self-care and more. All programs are supervised and developed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts with years of experience in early intervention ABA. 

We offer two center-based ABA therapy programs:

Early Achievements Day Program

Ages 18 months-4

After School Achievements Program

Ages 4-6

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