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Parent and Child at the Supermarket

ABA Parent Training 

Providing support, tools, and confidence to parents one strategy at a time.

Parent involvement in the ABA treatment process has been found to be a factor that increases the likelihood of positive outcomes for the child (Crockett and Fleming, 2007). According to Gresham et al. (1999) ABA services for children with autism that include parent training result in greater outcomes for the child as compared to services without ABA parent training incorporated into the treatment.


At Pivotal Achievements we use behavior analytic tools such as the RUBI Parent Training Manual to provide parents with a comprehensive understanding of applied behavior analysis concepts along with strategies to effectively manage and decrease their child's problem behaviors and teach adaptive skills.


With direct guidance and support from a BCBA, parents will be transformed into "parent analysts".  Our goal is to educate parents about ABA & provide them with the tools and confidence to tackle even the most challenging behavioral situations so that they always feel prepared -even when we're not there!

Our two age-specific ABA programs include and require parent training as part of our comprehensive ABA therapy treatment package.

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