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Alexie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with 10 years of experience in ABA. Alexie has a Masters in Special Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Washington (UW) .  Alexie's journey in ABA began in 2012 during an internship at a group home providing ABA treatment to adults and children with developmental delays. Under the mentorship of BCBAs, Alexie designed and conducted functional analyses, developed treatment plans, and trained group home staff to implement behavior plans.  Shortly after, Alexie became certified as an assistant behavior analyst and then as a BCBA.  Alexie has experience with direct ABA treatment, RBT supervision, assessments, treatment plans, parent training, and more. He specializes in early intervention, behavioral feeding therapy, toilet training, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs), verbal behavior therapy, instructional programming, and functional analyses.

Our Team: Team Members

Our Team

Virginia Serpas, M.A. BCBA

Co-founder & Clinical Director

Virginia is a bilingual Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with 10 years of experience in Applied Behavior Analysis. Virginia began working in the field as a behavior technician right after college. During this time, she completed ABA coursework at the Florida Institute of Technology to become an assistant behavior analyst (BCaBA) while gaining experience in an early intervention clinic and group homes for adolescents.  Virginia completed her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of South Florida and shortly after received her BCBA certification. Virginia specializes in early intervention providing therapy to children with autism and special needs in a variety of settings. She has a vast knowledge and experience in early intervention programming, verbal behavior therapy, supervision and training of RBTs, parent training and consultation.  

Alexie Sabala, M.Ed., BCBA

Co-founder & Assistant Clinical Director

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