School Notebook

Assessments & Treatment Plans

We help you find the function of problem behaviors and pinpoint strengths & deficits in critical  developmental domains.

Assessments and treatment plans are the cornerstone for quality ABA treatment. At Pivotal Achievements, we take the time to properly assess and understand behavioral concerns by using a variety of functional behavior assessment tools to determine why the target behaviors are occurring. We use the results of the assessment to guide our development of a behavior intervention plan to decrease problem behaviors and teach new replacement behaviors. Functional Behavior Assessments often include:

  • Interviews & Questionnaires

  • Record reviews

  •  Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC) Data Collection

  •  Behavior checklists

  • Functional analysis (manipulation of environmental variables relevant to observe effects on target behavior)


We also administer skill and language assessments to identify strengths and deficits across critical developmental domains such early learning skills, communication & language,  listening skills, independence, socialization, play and self-care. We use the results of these assessments to design instructional programs to develop and teach adaptive behaviors and skills in those important developmental areas. Some of the assessments we use include:  

  • VB-MAPP: Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program

  • ABLLS-R: Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, Revised

  • ESDM: Early Start Denver Model 

  • Social Savvy: Social Skills Assessment & Curriculum

  • AFLS: Assessment of Functional Living Skills


The results of well-conducted behavior and skill assessments provide the foundation for ABA treatment that delivers desirable behavioral outcomes that are observable and measurable.

Our two age-specific ABA programs include functional behavior assessments and curricular/skills as a fundamental part of our ABA therapy treatment package.