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After School Achievements ABA Program 

Center-Based ABA Therapy After School

For children ages 4-6*

Our After School Achievements ABA program is designed for children ages 4-6 in need of comprehensive and focused ABA therapy after school. Our program equips school-aged children with the skills they need to become more independent and succeed in the classroom and other social settings. At Pivotal Achievements, we implement ABA therapy in 1:1 ratio with embedded opportunities for group instruction in a classroom-like setting.

Skills we work on:

  • Communication & Language

  • Initiating requests using sentences

  • Answering questions and having conversations with adults & peers

  • Following multi-step instructions

  • Independent activities and play

  • Small group activities and instructions 

  • Social skills (board games, turn taking, group play)

  • Self-regulation (waiting, losing at games)

  • Transitioning between activities

  • Behavior management

Our After School Achievements Program starts at 2:30/3pm from Monday-Friday. We offer 2 -2.5 hour block times.

We will continue to provide services to established clients that enroll by age 6 up until age 8.*

After School Achievements Program: Service
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