For many children, ABA therapy is a medically necessary and essential treatment. Due to this, we have decided to continue to provide services in our center while doing the best we can to provide a clean, safe, and sanitary environment for all children & families in need of ABA services. Moving forward, we will be implementing the following measures:



  • Changing into clean "center shoes" upon arrival; "outside shoes" are placed inside cubbies and put on before dismissal. 

  • Thorough hand washing/sanitizing immediately upon arrival prior to touching any toys and materials.

  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas using EPA-approved disinfectants for use against COVID-19.

  • Touch-free Purell Healthy Soap (fragrance-free) dispensers in all bathrooms and hand sanitizer bottles available throughout center.

  • Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing throughout session (upon arrival, before and after meal times/snacks, after bathroom use and prior to leaving session)

  • Limited occupancy within center.

  • Sick policy enforcement.


Please note: we do not require proof of vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine to be eligible for services or employment.

We look forward to working with everyone and will modify measures as needed to ensure the safety & well-being of all.