Problem Behavior Reduction

Not sure how to handle your child's challenging behaviors? We can help.

When your child is having a meltdown or engaging in any other inappropriate behaviors, they are likely trying to communicate something to you.


A core principle in behavior analysis is  that every behavior serves purpose. Children and people in general behave in certain ways to fulfill one or more of the following purposes: 


  • to obtain a desired item or activity

  • to escape/avoid undesirable events

  • to obtain attention

  • to obtain internal stimulation


We call these the "4 Functions of Behavior" and our goal as behavior analysts is to analyze the environmental contexts under which  behaviors occur so that we can determine why they are happening! 

We do this through extensive functional behavior assessments where we observe and analyze variables like the setting, time, persons involved as well as what happened before and after the behavior. By analyzing these environmental variables, we are better able to hypothesize the function of a specific behavior and then develop a behavior intervention plan to teach a more functional and socially appropriate replacement behavior that is able to result in the same consequence while eliminating the problem behavior.


Our two age-specific ABA programs include problem behavior reduction as part of our ABA therapy treatment package.