Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment & Therapy

The #1 evidenced-based treatment for children with Autism and related disorders.

At Pivotal Achievements, we use 1:1 ABA treatment to target a number of areas including but not limited to: communication deficits, food selectivity, toilet training, challenging behavior reduction, academic foundation skills, compliance, socialization, play skills, self-care, independence, and more. Our ABA treatment model prides itself on being efficient, systemic, focused, results driven, and fun. We believe that children with Autism are children first, as such our ABA treatment model emphasizes child-led interactions and a play-based therapy approach that considers a child's natural need to have fun and explore. ABA therapy should be fun, developmentally appropriately and delivered in such a way that is conscientious of a child's natural learning style. Our strong foundation in ABA principles combined with a myriad of teaching methodologies and behavior reduction strategies create the perfect recipe for ABA treatment that is engaging, rewarding, and most importantly successful.

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