ABA Therapy 

Early Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Helping children, families, and practitioners achieve meaningful outcomes with

Applied Behavior Analysis.

Center-Based ABA Programs in Coral Springs, FL


About Us

Pivotal Achievements provides center-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) programs for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder between the ages of 18 months- 6 years old. Our Coral Springs ABA center provides a clean, colorful, and welcoming classroom-like environment where children can receive 1:1 ABA therapy for their individual needs as well as structured opportunities to engage in social skills, small group activities, and other positive interactions and daily routines. We specialize in applied behavior analysis, verbal behavior therapy, behavioral feeding therapy, assessments and treatment plans, toilet training, and more. Pivotal Achievements is proud to be BCBA co-founded and operated.


Our Coral Springs ABA Center

Center-Based ABA Programs

Nursery School

Early Achievements ABA Day Program

Ages 18 months-4 

Happy Kids with Books

After School Achievements ABA Program

Ages 4-6 

We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans

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(Only CHIP: Title 21)

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What We Do

1:1 ABA Therapy

Asian Boy

Verbal Behavior Therapy

Behavior Managaement

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Play & Social Skills


Behavioral Feeding Therapy 

Parent and Child

ABA Parent Training

Our ABA Center is located in the Whispering Woods Center on Wiles Rd in Coral Springs.

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7451 Wiles Rd Suite 107 Coral Springs, FL 33067

P: 954-893-2442

F: 954-516-7631


Mo - Fr: 9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

By appointment only

Sat - Sun: Closed


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